East Asia and the Pacific

Economic growth in East Asia and the Pacific has lifted millions out of poverty over the past decades. Yet overlapping global crises have deepened inequality and led to reversals in development gains. Thus, supporting a green, resilient and inclusive recovery is IFC’s priority in the region.

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We invest in projects across sectors such as healthcare, agribusiness, technology and infrastructure, and work with financial institutions to expand the reach of our work. We provide advice to companies and governments on key areas of private sector development, including access to finance, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), trade and competitiveness, and public-private partnerships.

At a Glance

Our investments totaled over $5 billion in fiscal year 2022, including $2 billion in funds mobilized from other investors. In FY22, IFC committed $700 million in response to COVID-19 pandemic while allocating $1.2 billion to climate projects across the region.

Impact of IFC clients in 2021

  • 577 K
    Jobs created via direct investments
  • 1.35 M
    Jobs created by fund investee companies
  • 1.56 B
    In payments to governments as results of IFC direct investments
  • 970 M
    In payments to governments by Fund Investee Companies

Areas of Focus

IFC supports sustainable, private sector-led development to ensure that economic growth reaches all segments of society.

Early-Stage Equity

We provide risk capital for financial institutions and businesses at an early stage. As shareholders, we set standards in corporate governance, financial transparency, and environmental and social best practices, particularly in China, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Viet Nam.

Frontier Regions

We invest in less-developed countries such as Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Mongolia, and in poorer areas of middle-income markets. As these regions develop, we expand access to finance and provide advice to rural and urban enterprises.

Global Integration

With IFC’s global expertise in emerging markets, we help larger companies in China, Indonesia, and elsewhere expand outside of East Asia and the Pacific in environmentally and socially sustainable ways.

Increasing Opportunities for Women

We work with partners in the private sector to close gender gaps, advance gender equality as smart business, and improve women’s access to more and better jobs.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

IFC helps improve energy efficiency and expand the use of renewable energy so that companies can grow sustainably. We launched green-building programs in Indonesia and Viet Nam, and operate the China Utility-Based Energy Efficiency Finance Program (CHUEE) to fund projects in China.


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