IFC Leadership

IFC's Management Team shapes the organization’s strategies and policies, positioning IFC to help improve the lives of those facing poverty in the developing world. It benefits from years of development experience, a diversity of knowledge, and distinct cultural perspectives — qualities that enhance IFC’s uniqueness.

  • Makhtar Diop

    Managing Director

    Makhtar Diop

  • Elena Bourganskaia

    Vice President, Corporate Support

    Elena Bourganskaia

  • Hela Cheikhrouhou

    Regional Vice President, Middle East, Central Asia, Türkiye, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

    Hela Cheikhrouhou

  • Federico Galizia

    IFC Vice President, Risk and Finance

    Federico Galizia

  • John Gandolfo

    Vice President and Treasurer, Treasury & Mobilization

    John Gandolfo

  • Mohamed Gouled

    Vice President, Industries

    Mohamed Gouled

  • Susan M. Lund

    Vice President, Economics and Private Sector Development

    Susan M. Lund

  • Alfonso García Mora

    Regional Vice President, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean

    Alfonso García Mora

  • Mary-Jean Moyo

    Chief of Staff

    Mary-Jean Moyo

  • Ramit Nagpal

    Vice President and General Counsel

    Ramit Nagpal

  • Emmanuel Nyirinkindi

    Vice President, Cross-Cutting Solutions

    Emmanuel Nyirinkindi

  • Sérgio Pimenta

    Regional Vice President for Africa

    Sérgio Pimenta

  • Riccardo Puliti

    Regional Vice President, Asia and the Pacific

    Riccardo Puliti

IFC's Organization Chart