In developing countries, the lack of risk capital hinders economic growth and thwarts entrepreneurship. By providing capital in emerging markets where it is scarce, private equity and venture capital funds can play a critical role in development, helping to build the dynamic, job-creating companies that drive sustainable growth, promote innovation, and provide essential goods and services.

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By investing in funds focusing on emerging markets, IFC can expand its support to promising local firms that would typically lack access to finance. In addition to funding, IFC works with its partner fund managers to facilitate network connections and bring the expertise that companies need to scale.

How to Apply for Financing

Focus Areas

Growth Equity and Sector Funds

IFC boosts the expansion of fast-growing mid-sized companies and prepare them for an eventual IPO or buy-out .

SME Ventures

IFC provides risk capital and advice to fund managers and entrepreneurs in the world’s most challenging markets. 

Gender Initiatives

IFC works with its partner funds and investee companies to increase gender equality and promote gender-lens investing.

Insights & Reports

Stories of Impact